Custom Makes

Made to order by hand from bybriannayvonne

All bybriannayvonne pieces are handmade to order in my Brisbane studio. With each and every piece crafted by hand with love. bybriannayvonne is an expression of individuality, partnered with stunning craftsmanship with the handmade process bringing romance into each custom make.

From design, to sourcing gemstones, and finally to the piece landing in your hands, find out whose hands from our team are involved.

bybriannayvonne is handmade to order
in our Brisbane studio

Designing collections 

Bybriannayvonne has created one of a kind pieces and collections along with the custom make option. Design inspiration coming from my love of the ocean and nature with vibrant colours, free form shapes and important lines separating the horizon.

Each gemstone is sourced by hand, starting with the rough crystals and re-cutting and polishing done in-house. 


From sketch, to the bench

I offer my clients the opportunity for you to create tailor-made pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Let Brianna and her design team develop your ideas into sketches. These sketches are then transformed into beautiful bespoke pieces by our team of master jewellers. This gives you full control in creating jewellery that will not only stand the test of time, but will be personal and hold significant meaning. It is a perfect opportunity for you to portray your love with a piece of jewellery for engagements, anniversaries or any other special moment in your life.


Your custom journey

When you select a piece from my collection, your order is carefully processed by our online team, taking care to note all of the details to make your piece unique. From your metal carat and colour finish, to specific stone requests or engraving, there are many ways we can work with you to personalise each piece. We then select and order the materials and stones needed to bring your piece to life.


I have a team of master jewellers working on the production of my pieces and custom makes. Depending on your order, each piece requires different processes to make and source your gemstones so production time varies from piece to piece. The priority is always quality and attention to detail to ensure your custom make is perfect. 




The final QC

Once your piece is complete,  our team to a quality check on each piece before we package it up for you.

Custom Make process

For Brisbane clients, the process can begin either emailing or popping into an Anthonys Fine Jewellery store which stocks bybriannayvonne and has a wonderful team of designers. Just call or email to book your appointment.
Before we begin..
25% deposit of your quote then we begin to source the stone for your custom piece. The balance for the piece is due upon completion, prior to delivery. Custom make lead time is 6-8 weeks depending on stone availability, you will receive a personalised time frame for your piece upon confirmation.