Marine Conservation

Grey Nurse Shark Jewellery to support Wildlife Warriors Grey Nurse Shark Project 2017

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Marine conservation is a very serious issue that we as a society, need to act on now!

Oceans are essential to life on earth including all the wonderful ecosystems within it. Living oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the impact of climate change. Scientists consider sharks to be ‘keystone’ species of the oceans ecosystem, meaning that removing them causes the whole ecosystem to collapse.

What will the health of the oceans be like if we remove the apex predator? Do we want the destruction of the marine ecosystem to be the legacy of our generation?

Australia Zoo with Wildlife Warriors support Grey Nurse Shark conservation on Australia’s east coast through a partnership with the University of Queensland. The Grey Nurse Sharks populations are critically endangered on the east coast whilst we are only aware of 50% of female Grey Nurse Shark aggregation sites. The aim is to assist in location the other 50% to ensure these marine nurseries are protected.

Due to the false notion that Grey Nurse Sharks were man eaters in the 1950’s, they were viciously hunted and there is now an estimated population of only 1,000 Grey Nurse Sharks on the east coast. This is one of the most threatened marine species.

Marine conservation is something I hold close to my heart. I proudly support the work of the Wildlife Warriors and wish to contribute to their ongoing research to protect the Grey Nurse Sharks. My longing to contribute to this wonderful cause has inspired me to design a Marine Collection specifically for the Wildlife Warriors Grey Nurse Shark Project. This will help raise awareness for this cause and all of the proceeds will go towards the Wildlife Warriors.

This way everyone can make a difference and support our beautiful oceans by purchasing an exquisite, handmade piece of jewellery from my Marine Collection.